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ISI Inspection Reports

ҡǮ̳ most recent Independent Schools Inspectorate inspection reports are below.

The Inspectorate found that the school is compliant in all areas, and, importantly, has been found to be Excellent in both educational judgements.

Neil Chippington, Headmaster, said: "I am immensely proud of this School and our community, and I am delighted that the inspectors saw in their visit what I think we display every day; a deep commitment to helping our children to thrive. While we have the highest of academic expectations, inspectors looked at every aspect of school life; including the breadth of our enrichment opportunities and the quality of our pastoral care and support. At every level, our staff and, most importantly, our children shone. As the inspectors noted, our children "respond enthusiastically to high expectations, briskly paced lessons, judicious questioning, imaginative challenges and warm encouragement", and leave us as young people who are "socially mature, displaying generosity of spirit and kindness." While the inspectors' findings are heartening, we also take a great deal of pride in the comments our parental community provided throughout the inspection process. The warmth and positivity included in their feedback really framed the outcome, and ensured that this report puts us alongside the very best independent schools in the country."

The ISI inspectors also concluded that "all members of Year 8 pass the entrance examinations to the senior schools of their choice, many to schools with demanding entrance requirements and many achieve academic and other awards." 

As part of the process, inspectors reviewed ҡǮ̳ against ISI's compliance standards, which focuses on issues such as health and safety, safeguarding and leadership and management. The School is compliant in all areas. 

Lindsay Dodsworth, Chair, added: "The school's leadership team deserve a huge amount of credit for their vision and unwavering focus on helping every child to achieve in an environment that is caring and supportive.”

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