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20 children sitting cross-legged on a school stage in front of the scenary they have painted

Form 5 Set Painting inspired by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser

Feb 2024
Members of Form 5 volunteered to come in to school on a Saturday to help paint the set and backdrop for their upcoming musical, 'Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat' which the children will perform over two nights in March.
woman standing at the front of a room, in front of a screen, delivering a presentation to children

'Think. Believe. Perform.' Sports Psychology Talk for Form 6

Jan 2024
‚ÄėHow do you view stressful situations, as a challenge or a threat?‚Äô Cambridge-based Sports Psychologist, Helen Davis, posed this question to our Form 6¬†during her inspirational ‚ÄėThink Believe Perform‚Äô talk about how to become a more positive and effective thinker, in sports and beyond.
Three children standing in front of a man with all four facing the camera

St John's Raises £541 for Jimmy's Cambridge

Jan 2024
We were delighted to welcome Barry Griffiths from Jimmy's Cambridge to talk to Senior House about what the charity is all about and how the money the school raised last term might be spent. Some of the money resulting from Form 4's Victorian Fayre, as well as the total amount from our whole school Christmas Jumper Day helped raise £541 for Jimmy's. Barry also spoke from first-hand experience about what was like sleeping rough and how Jimmy's helped give him hope for a different, more hopeful, future for himself.

Services in Preparation for Christmas

Jan 2024
Our annual Service in Preparation for Christmas was once again held over two days in the magnificent Chapel of St John’s College. A range of carols, poems and readings were presented by St John’s children. The carols and readings were interspersed with five congregational hymns, including O come, all ye faithful, Hark! the herald-angels sing, O little town of Bethlehem, Lo! He comes with clouds descending and O come, O come, Emmanuel!. The Services provided a sense of calm away from the bustle that the festive time of the year brings and gave those watching a chance to stop and reflect before Christmas.
2 children sitting on the ground and one leaning against a stone in a greenhouse drawing

Form 1 Visit Cambridge University Botanic Garden

Jan 2024
Form 1 visited¬†Cambridge University Botanical Gardens¬†to find out more about plants from all over the world as part of their current Rainforest topic in school.¬†In the glasshouses the children travelled the world via hot and humid jungles, dry desert lands and even¬†to the top of the highest mountains. In each different part of the world they learnt about how plants grow and survive in all sorts of climates.¬†The children also used their senses to study some very interesting carnivorous ‚Äėplants that bite‚Äô before choosing which plant they would focus on in detail and draw.¬†Cambridge University Botanic Garden holds an impressive collection of over 8,000 plant species from all over the world to facilitate teaching and research and hosts one of the largest concentrations of plant scientists anywhere in the world.¬†
Four children sitting at a group of desks with their laptops open

St John's Teams take part in National Science Quiz Semi-Final

Jan 2024
Three¬†įń√Ň“°«ģ ų¬ŘŐ≥¬†teams took part in the Semi-Final and our Team 1 came 7th¬†which qualified them to go through to the Final, joining the other teams in the top 20. The National Finals of the Championships will take place in the Summer Term and teams have the option to go and take part in person in London or, alternatively, online.
Children kneeling on mats in a buddhist centre

Form 4 Visit the Cambridge Buddhist Centre

Jan 2024
The Fourth Form had a wonderful opportunity to enhance their understanding of Buddhism with a trip to the¬†Cambridge Buddhist Centre.¬† In the Michaelmas term, the children had an introduction to the key Buddhist concepts and practices. The Buddhist hosts at the Centre built on this by answering the children‚Äôs questions and putting across the ‚Äėflavour‚Äô of a modern Buddhist life.
children dressed in roman costumes, holding protective shields, re-enacting an ancient battle

Form 1 Play 'Roman Britain Rewritten'

Jan 2024
Form 1 performed ‚ÄėRoman Britain Rewritten‚Äô, which was written by our Form 1 class and drama teacher with music by our Byron House music teacher. The children's¬†production linked¬†directly to their¬†studies of Romans and Celts in class and built on their¬†hands-on Roman Day workshop last term. Each class performed their own section of the production and, as well as acting, the children also sang a class song with moves choreographed by our specialist dance¬†teacher.
children wading in a shallow stream to measure its depth

Form 6 Geography Trip to FSC Epping Forest

Jan 2024
Our Sixth Form pupils were eager to get their hands dirty and wade into the river, when they visited FSC Epping Forest a Special Area of Conservation. Our geographers enjoyed getting thoroughly muddy as they studied Loughton Brook which is a tributary of the River Roding. The purpose of the trip to Epping Forest Field Centre was for the children to investigate the downstream changes in the characteristics of Loughton Brook and also to assess whether it conforms to the Bradshaw Model. They also had the chance to explore how the geological makeup of the area influences the drainage basin.

Form 2 Philosophy 'What does thinking look like?'

Jan 2024
'What does thinking look like?' Form 2 engaged in a thought-provoking exercise during their weekly Philosophy session. Commencing the lesson with a mindful moment, they embarked on a 'think-pair-share' activity before contemplating, 'If you were green what would you be and why?' which generated some interesting and varied responses. The children then had a set time to use any resources to create a visual model of what they felt thinking actually looked like.